Winter Olympics - Women's Bobsleigh



Hello everyone! It’s almost time for the third and fourth runs of the Women’s Two-man Bobsleigh! I’m Nick (@nickdougchenery) and over the next couple of hours, we’ll see whether either USA or Germany will get the gold medal and whether GB can pick up a medal after going 6th fastest after yesterdays runs.

Here are the results from yesterday. Nothing to choose between the top sleds and the GB girls (the two Mica’s) are only a couple of tenths away from the medals!

In the third run, they’ll go down the course from fastest to slowest and then in reverse order in the fourth and final runs.

So, the German sled with Jamanka as pilot will be first down the course.

Jamanka set an overall time of 1:41.26 and the’ve ended up with a time of 50.48 seconds and a Track record for the Germans. That’s impressive after a slow start! Gauntlet thrown.

USA and Meyers Taylor will be next down the course. She set a time of 1:41.33 yesterday overall and her first run today results in a time of 50.46 and a new TR! 0.03s slower than the Germans!

Germany and Schneider are up next. She set a combined time of 1:41.56 yesterday. A slowish start but they’ve finished on 51.71. Half a second slower that the first German sled overall. Not ideal.

USA next with Grubel Poser as pilot. Overall time yesterday - 1:41.58 Third run time - 50.59 A similar start to the second German sled. Third place for Schneider.

The first Canadian sled next with Humphries as pilot. Overall time yesterday - 1:41.60 Third run time - 50.52 Third place for Humphries. 0.3s behind the leaders.

The two Mica’s from GB are up next with McNeill as pilot. Overall time - 1:41.72 Third run time - 51.16 Over a second behind the leaders now. Not ideal and scrappy from them. All to do in run four for them.