Winter Olympics - Women's Bobsleigh



Rodlonova from Russia is up next Overall time - 1:42.76 Third run time - 51.41 No improvement for them either as we get through the slower runners.

JAMAICA ARE UP NEXT! Fenlator-Victorian is the pilot for them. Overall time - 1:42.79 Third run time - 51.83 That’s an awful run although since they don’t have a coach at the moment, that’s about right.

Austria with Beierl as pilot are second to last next. Overall time - 1:42.90 Third run time - 51.51 They’ve leapfrogged the Jamaicans into 18th place.

Nigeria are the last sled to go down with Adigun as pilot. Overall time - 1:44.76 Third run time - 52.31 They stay 20th but they’ll be happy with just being there and making their Olympics debut, to be honest. Nearly 5 seconds off the pace, though.

That’s the third heat finished now. As you were but the USA have closed the gap to Germany but the GB girls have lost time. Work to do in the final heat if they want to get near the medals.

Join me at 1pm for the gold medal shootout!

The fourth run is underway but we’ll be concentrating on the Top 10 which is where the medals will be sorted out and hopefully the GB girls will be able to improve after their third run.

Top 15 time and Romania are the next sled down. Fourth run - 51.57 Not quick enough to leapfrog the Belgians who are fastest at the moment.

Germany up next with Koehler as pilot. They set an overall time of 3:25.29. They ended up losing time and lose more time to the Belgians.

Russia are up next with Sergeeva as the sled pilot.