Premier League Darts: Berlin



Good evening! James Leahy on a historic night! The Premier League Darts hits Berlin, Germany for the first time ever. A record crowd of 12,000 will be in attendance this evening!

Here are your matches for tonight!

12,000 fans. Who would have thought this a few years back?! It’s incredible, tonight will be special, I promise you.

Just look at that arena!!

The first match is tonight is a top of the table clash, it’s Michael Smith vs Simon Whitlock, yes, a top of the table clash! Play gets underway in just over 5 minutes.

Here we go then, 12,000 fans are ready, the beer is flowing, the fancy dress is out. The 180 cards are held aloft, Berlin, are you ready for darts? I don’t know German so I’m not even going to try!

Both players making their way to the stage, I’m going for a Michael Smith win here against Simon Whitlock

Michael Smith to throw first... GAME ON!

First 180 of the match goes to Michael Smith!

BREAK! Double 18 for Whitlock to break Smith’s throw in the opening leg of the match! Smith 0-1 Whitlock