Europa League: Last 16 Draw



Hello one and all... what an exciting treat we have ahead of us. Yes, it's what we all look forward to every year - the Europa League Last 16 Draw. The latest round in this stupid competition which starts with 55,000 teams. Anyways, I'm Matt Verri, braving this early start and inevitable waste of my time to bring you this nonsense. Starting. At. NOON.

As you'll all gather, Arsenal made it through in comprehensive style last night as they lost to the mighty Ostersunds at the Emirates but thankfully had a 3-0 cushion from their work in Sweden. Does not bode well. I suppose you want to know who else is in this draw. Well here they are, ranked in my own person tiers regarding how much I want Arsenal to draw them. Here goes....

THE PACK OUR BAGS BECAUSE WE'RE OUT TIER: Atletico Madrid THE NOT GREAT BUT SOME VAGUE HOPE TIER: AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Lyon SLIGHTLY TRICKY BUT SHOULD BACK US TIER: Athletic Bilbao, Marseille, CSKA Moscow, Lazio THE EVEN WE SHOULDN'T MAKE THAT LOOK DIFFICULT TIER: Dynamo Kiev, Lokomotiv Moscow, Plzen (WHO?!), Salzburg, Sporting CP, Zenit.

Games will be played on the 8th of March and the 15th of March which, if my maths is correct, is a week after the first leg. Watford at home is our league game that sandwiches those games, with Leicester away a few days after the second leg. That'll be a loss then.

BT have this pencilled in as a half an hour show. There are 16 balls to bring out their magic bowl, this really shouldn't take more than ten minutes. We can only assume there is a twenty minute montage lined up. Ah, we are underway. Very budget looking set.

I'm extremely tired and I'm already growing bored of this little build-up rubbish. LET'S HURRY UP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. My interest in this draw is limited simply to Arsenal's involvement. If we get drawn early doors, you will see the coverage dramatically drop up in enthusiasm. Isn't much enthusiasm as there is, but imagine even less that I currently have. Bad times.

Anyone can draw anyone, though I think Russia and Ukraine might see their teams kept apart. That's all there is to it recently. To be honest, I'm watching the curling and have this draw on mute, so I have absolutely no idea what this guy is waffling on about. I assume it's nothing of any use.

There is a danger this soon might be getting underway...

Matt (@Ugster1)

You can cut the tension with a knife at my desk. Well, perhaps that's overstating it somewhat...This is no reflection on the coverage, I hasten to add.

Matt Verri

Haha! We have reached the big time.


RB LEIPZIG VS ZENIT Pretty happy to avoid Leipzig, and Zenit is an absolute trek we could do without.