Rugby U


The teams:


Plenty of posturing and preening... not much else.

Italian lineout, just outside their own 22

Italy claim it and get themsleves into a right mess. Violi darts right and gives his winger a hospital pass. Penalty France. Kicked to the corner and a rolling maul is coming up

Italy get there defence sorted out ans stop it.

Bastareaud almost bullocks his way over, there's a penalty advantage and it's given as France run out of organisation

28mins played and we'll have a kick for goal. Machenaud with it, right of the posts, on the 22 and it's no bother. France back in front. 8 - 7

That's not good. Kick off goes into touch on the full. France scrum on halfway

Reset, "we're touching heads" according Wayne Barnes... not cloth thankfully

...and another reset...