Rugby U


The teams:


52mins: More scrum shenanigans.

Turns into an Italy free kick which sees yardage gained before a knock on. We'll scrum again, just deeper into French territory

The crowd are entertaining themselves with a wave.... a sure sign the game is less than enthralling

Beauxis tries the cross kick pass which Fall claims, Bellini makes the tackle and strips the ball too.

Great break by Negri, powering into the France 22

Support arrives and Italy are threatening

Scratch that.... WERE threatening. Slow ball, isolated player and a failure to release the ball. Penalty France and they clear

Camara off for France, he's been about the best player on the park

Parisse nicks a French lineout and Italy are back in the French 22. Lineouts are becoming a 50/50 proposition. Parisse is going into full "I'll do it myself" mode

Machenaud clears French lines, up to halfway and an Italy lineout