Winter Olympics - Men's Snowboard Big Air Final



Good evening, good morning etc whatever time it is where you are... It's the final snowboarding event of the Pyeon Chang Winter Olympics. The Big Air final! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, Red Gerard will got first for USA.

Gerard with a backside triple cork 1440, i think I got the rotation number wrong. But that gets a 74.75 for the American.

Billy Morgan is here now for Team GB!! Here he goes! Backside triple cork with nose grab with massive height, but he just couldn't hold the landing all the way. The wind got under his board. 30.00 points.

Michael Scharer for Switzerland now. Ouch!! He takes a big hit! Plenty of height and a decent looking trick, but he slams the floor. Awful score of under 20.

Canada up now. Nailed front side triple cork 1620. He went big too, he scrubbed the takeoff, didnt land straight, but considering the jump, very good. 84.75 for Toutant.

Chris Corning now. That was a wonderful front side 1440 with grab! The rotations were so fast! Corning will be chuffed with that. He gets 74.25.

A backside 1620 there from the Norwegian, Bergrem. 88.45.

Kyle Mack now for the USA. Ooh he throws a 'Japan grab' into that, landed perfectly. 1440 cork with an 82 score.

Up now is Mark McMorris. He drops It! It was a switch back, first we've seen in this final, he readjusted just before the jump. He gets 42.

Niklas Mattsen for Sweden now. Here he goes, ah he drops It! Another 1620. Annnddd rhats a dislocated thumb. Ah missed the score.