Winter Olympics - Men's Snowboard Big Air Final



Jonas Boesiger now for Switzerland. Off he goes. Wow a backside triple cork 1620 landed very nicely. Had a grab too, bit of a hand drag... He gets a 77.50, that's surprisingly low!

Number 1. Max Parrot. Canada. The favourite. Off he goes... backside triple cork 1620 landed perfectly. Better than nearly everyone else. Thats an 85 score.

Garcia-Knight for New Zealand now. Oh wow he went way too big! Didn't land it. He landed, well, hit the ground at the bottom of the landing area! He got a 39.25.

Thats end 1 done.

Here we go for run two. Gerard to get us going again. Same order as run one. Here he goes. Very clean, front side 1260. That would've won this 5 years ago. 65.50 score. How times change.

Billy Morgan now! Come on Billy! Team GB go... He holds it! That's a triple cork 1440, front grab, right on the tip of the board. He went so deep, he was turning down the windows a bit, 82.50 for Morgan!

Michael Scharer for Switzerland again. He scored 18 in the first run. Lovely switchside cab 1260. Not going to challenge. Very simple trick... I mean, I can't do It, but still... 62.25.

Seb Toutant now. He got 84.75 in run one. Backside 1620 with a very solid grab and he kept it flat. Solid landing. Board wasn't happy landing that but he somehow held It! 89.50!!

Chris Corning. Melon grab chucked in for fun. Backside triple 14 cork. Not as good as Morgan's. 78.75.

Bergrem now. Cab frontside switch 1440... He couldn't land It! It's going to be close at the end of this round. He gets a 42.50 and he's dropped to 4th after that.