Winter Olympics - Men's Snowboard Big Air Final



Your two best runs are added together by the way. Thats your score. Kyle Mack up again for the US. That is a bloody Dracula... that's a grab not me being weird. Not massive, good rotation and an very good landing. 86.75. He's in 2nd.

McMorris now. 11 months ago, he was in a coma, here he is competing in the Olympics but he's face slammed It! That's his dream finished. He's so annoyed.

Boesiger up again now. Good start from him in run one, here he goes, ooh he went too deep and he slipped and missed the landing. Mattsen is out by the way, he hasn't been allowed to continue with that dislocated thumb.

Max Parrot up for his second run. Off he goes... ooh he went for his specialiality and he crashed It! He has a graze bow on his chin. Owww that is a real face slam.

Carlos Garcia-Knight for New Zealand up now. He has to do something big now. Failing will see him out. He goes and that was too big! The man who qualified 1st is out!!

So that's run two done.

So with the final run, I will only do the riders who have a reasonable chance of a medal. Red Gerard might, so I guess I should get his score on when he goes. So he goes, he nearly slammed, he gets a 68.20. Not the best.

Here is Billy Morgan. Come on Billy!! He sets off.. front side triple 14 with double grab!! He lands It!! He's absolutely delivered!! Good lad!! What he got?! 85.50. Thats bronze for the moment and I can't see him keeping that, really hope he does though.

Seb Toutant now. He leads at the moment. Can he extend that lead? Here he goes... oh that was a cab 1800 but he lost the landing. Unlucky. Still leads though... for now.

Corning tried the backside quad cork and slammed his back on the ground! The jump is too small! I'm only mentioning because it's the trick that we've all been hearing about. He was so close but then gravity bit and bit hard.