Great Britain




Guide to curling;


Helloooo everyone, Anna here, going to be taking you through this morning's curling. This is the bronze medal game between Japan, and Great Britain. The winners will take the medal, and the losing team will get nothing, harsh.

Hopefully I will do everyone's new favourite winter sport justice! The ladies are just out on the ice and Japan are starting.

A good first stone from Japan, landing right on the centre line and acting as a guard.

Lauren Gray from Team GB slides a stone past it to land on the outer ring, and the next Japanese stone smashes into that so we're just left with the Japanese guard.

A great second stone for GB, and it is just to the side of the inner ring, BUT JAPAN SMASH INTO IT AGAIN. VERY HARSH LADIES.

Goodness, Team GB take out the Japanese stone, but their own stone also goes out, so we have nothing in the rings at the moment. Not sure what the Japanese team were trying to do with that stone, but it's ended up in front of their original guard stone.

GB sending both of the Japanese stones flying.

Japan putting another guard stone in place...

Great Britain knock it out, and leave another guard stone to the left hand side.

Japan's stone sliding past the GB guard and landing on the outer ring.