Great Britain




Guide to curling;


It just rubs off the guard stone, and it's not quite as good as they'd have liked.

Time out for Great Britain.

So, they'll be trying to tap the Japanese stone and get their own into the house.

PERFECT! GB have 2 touching the inner ring, and that's exactly what they wanted.

So, Japan having a look at what to do here.

Again, it's just tapped off the other guard stone, and it's made it a wee bit tougher for the GB team.

FINAL STONE FOR GB! Can they do it here?

Ahhhhhh it's just a wee bit too hard, and Japan take the bronze! A very close game, and it just didn't come together for GB today.

Well done to Japan, commiserations to GB. That'll be all from me for today, but stick around for coverage of all the other sports going on today on the LIVE tab. I've been Anna, see ya!