Great Britain




Guide to curling;


Ooooh fabulous, Anna Sloan's stone knocking out the previous Japanese stone.

Curling is all very calm until they start screaming at each other...

Japan knocking the GB stone out, but their own stone also lands out, leaving Eve Muirhead with a chance to get 2 stones lying shot.

Great bit of curling from Vicki and Lauren, and the GB stone is on the outer ring, behind the guard stone. Japan will be trying to knock that out. Annnnd they do, they knock it out, and their stone stays in.

Eve Muirhead with the final stone.

Ooooh, GB land their stone in the red ring, and they get 1 point out of the first end.

Catherine Whitaker caught up with the ladies warming up for their semi-final match!

GB first in the second end, as Japan have the hammer, ie. they'll take the last shot.

A pretty much perfect shot from Lauren Gray, and it lands right in the centre of the ring.

A corner guard for Japan, which will apparently be so they can go for more than one point later in the game.