Great Britain




Guide to curling;


Hmm, Japan going for the corner guard again.

GB put a guard on the centre line...

Hmmm, Japan knock the GB stone, but not far enough that it goes out of the rings.

GB looking for the centre line, but it goes a bit too far right. Still in the rings though.

Japan knocking that out, and leaving their own just touching the edge of the inner ring. Great shot from GB to follow up, leaving 2 stones in the rings.

Japan knocking one of the stones out, but there's still a GB stone in the ring.

FAB! Anna knocks the Japanese stone out, and leaves her own on the centre line. Two GB stones in the ring again.

Japan knock the GB guard out, which in turn knocks out another stone in the rings. Buuut GB are still lying shot.

What about this fella, then?

Another perfect stone from Anna, leaving another guard on the centre line.