Great Britain




Guide to curling;


Eeek, Japan knocking both of the GB stones out of the way.

Nothing in the rings for the moment. I do know that the rings are called a house, but I keep thinking rings are a better way of describing them!

GB landing in the inner ring, thanks to a great bit of sweeping.

A lot of discussion about the next Japanese stone.

Just taps the British stone, and leaves her own in the inner ring. Eve with it all to do on this stone.

Oooh fabulous, they leave another stone in the inner ring. Apparently they over-curled, but there's no pleasing some people.

Japan ending with one on that end, and we are all even again. Great Britain with the hammer on the next end.

Japan starting with a centre guard, colour me surprised.

GB leaving theirs lying to the left of the Japanese centre guard.

Great stone from Japan, and they're in the house, just before the inner ring.