Rugby U


26' "Use it" yells Jackson, which Murray does. Ah, frustrating penalty if you're an Irish fan, for blocking. Gareth Davies is getting patched up a bit, but he's fine.

Ooh, Halfpenny's going for the posts from his own half. This'll be a monstrous kick if it goes over, 53m out.

Just missed by Halfpenny. He was pretty close, not that that makes a difference.

29' No one is able to take the Irish 22 drop out, but Wales end up with the ball, and are lobbing it wide to Stef Evans. ANOTHER penalty at the breakdown conceded by Wales though, and Ireland have the lineout inside the Welsh half.

30' Lineout stolen by Alun Wyn Jones, and Wales put the ball through the hands. Beautifully done by Biggar, collecting his own box kick in typical fashion, but he's judged to have knocked on on the ground. Oh but Jackson's had a chat with his assistant, who's spotted that the ball was kicked out by an Irish foot. That's a penalty to Wales, and Halfpenny steps up eagerly.

PENALTY to Wales. This one's not so far out, and Wales' points machine adds three to his total to put Wales more than a converted try ahead.

32' Nice clearing kick by Liam Williams, pinning Ireland back for a lineout in their own half.

34' Slow ball for Ireland, but Earls has spotted a gap! Ireland up inside the Welsh 10m line, where the defence has got itself a bit more organised. Nice offload by Stockdale to avoid going into touch, and Ireland are 10m out...

34' Farrell up to 1m out! Ireland have an overlap but the forwards haven't spotted it...

35' Ireland crash into the posts, where they're held up by a mountain of Welsh bodies. We'll go back for a penalty, and Sexton has the chance for three points from right in front of the posts. This one will go over, surely?