Castleford Tigers


Rugby L


Hello, hello, hello. @MikeMeehallWood at your service and ready for some red hot Super League action. We have two of last year's Top 4 clashing, a real mix of styles and a potential early season classic. It's Cas, it's Hull, it should be superb.

Cas are well rested, well trained and of course, very good. FC just stepped off a plane from the Antipodes and have lost two in a row. You can see where this one might go. I backed against Hull on our podcast this week and will do again here, despite my allegiance to the mighty Black and Whites.

We have 10 minutes until kick off, in which I will attempt to speed prepare my lunch.

Steak, spuds and broccoli since you're asking.

Teams are out, dinner's ready! I love it when a plan comes together.

0' We're off! FC have first possession.

2' FC on the attack, Kelly has a dart. Held well. Sneyd hoists a kick and Connor comes down with it, but it's still the last and his offload goes to a Cas man.

4' Solid start from Hull, they're dominated field position.

6' FC fans in fine voice, Cas a little subdued. It looks good conditions out there for the classy Cas (TM) style, if a bit on the cold side.

8' Cas have a strong defensive set, but are then caught offside on the 4th. Gale never got close to the ten. FC piggyback into the Cas half. Watts takes a huge carry and then drops it, but Chris Kendall says that Milner ripped it. Big chance for Hull - Sneyd opts against the 2 and the visitors start 10 out.