Rugby U


Today's teams: Scotland: Hogg, Seymour, Jones, Horne, Maitland, Russell, Laidlaw, Reid, McInally, Berghan, Gilchrist, Gray, Barclay, Watson, Wilson England: Brown, Watson, Joseph, Farrell, May, Ford, Care, Vunipola, Hartley, Cole, Launchbury, Itoje, Lawes, Robshaw, Hughes


1- Scotland with the first attack of the game as they field a box kick. Horne takes them over the halfway line. Jones kicks ahead but well gathered by Joseph.

2- England are pinged for failing to release and Laidlaw will take the first shot at goal.

Scotland 3-0 England- Laidlaw penalty (3)

4- Big carry from Nathan Hughes, he takes England up to just outside the Scotland 22.

5- Fine opening defensive set from Scotland, Watson was left isolated, Barclay forces the turnover and it's a penalty to Scotland.

6- England's defence all over the shop here, McInally gallops into the 22.

7- England reorganise just in the nick of time and Robshaw forces a turnover but that was very promising from a Scottish perspective.

9- Huge roar of approval as Russell beats an England man and then puts Brown under pressure.

10- Ball goes forward from Scotland, England now clear their lines.

11- Some kick tennis ensues and it results in an England line-out just inside their own half.