Rugby U


Today's teams: Scotland: Hogg, Seymour, Jones, Horne, Maitland, Russell, Laidlaw, Reid, McInally, Berghan, Gilchrist, Gray, Barclay, Watson, Wilson England: Brown, Watson, Joseph, Farrell, May, Ford, Care, Vunipola, Hartley, Cole, Launchbury, Itoje, Lawes, Robshaw, Hughes


13- England release the backs! May breaks but four Scottish defenders halt his progress. Scotland pinged for not releasing, Farrell for the posts.

Scotland get pinged for not releasing, Farrell with his first shot at goal of the game. It's there. Scotland 3-3 England (14)

15- Scotland keen to get the tempo going here, they take a quick line-out and draw an advantage.

TRY SCOTLAND! Huw Jones breaks through despite a suspicious knock-on in the build up, Nigel Owens doesn't go upstairs. The try drought is over. Laidlaw converts. Scotland 10-3 England (16)

17- In fairness to Owens, it looks like the ball goes forward off Jones' knee. Dreadful start this so far from England but Scotland infringe at the kick off giving Farrell a shot at goal.

Scotland 10-6 England- Farrell penalty (18)

19- What a superb kick from Russell, finds touch just inside the England 22. No big game nerves from him so far.

21- England with a little bit of go forward from Brown and Farrell kicks long. Returned with interest by Russell.

23- Despite a pass that belonged in the NFL, Scotland break away upfield and apply enough pressure to force England into a turnover. Scotland scrum just outside the England 22.

24- Scotland showing so much more ambition in the game than England, they deservedly lead the game. Still on that scrum... 10-6