Callum Smith vs Nieky Holzken LIVE!



Evening fight fans! This wasn't quite what we were expecting this Saturday evening. But it's ultimately what we've got. Welcome to Callum Smith v Nieky Holzken for a place in the World Boxing Super Series final where they'll lose to George Groves. I'm Roddy Graham. This might not take too long...

I think like most people watching this I'm sitting going "who is Nieky Holzken?" and frankly I amn't that fussed to find out. This was meant to be Jurgen Braehmer taking on the Liverpudlian but a virus struck midweek and Nieky gratefully stepped in. All I know about Holzken is that he is undefeated. Give it until 11pm and that won't be the case. Right?

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The national anthems playing now. I don't even know where Nieky Holzken is from*. But he's got more tattoos on his chest than Chewbacca has hairs on his head. God Save The Queen rings out now. In Nuremberg, Germany. Makes you proud, eh? Well, if you're into that whole Brit Nat thing. *It's Holland. Yeah, I know you don't care.

Just been sent a text from Yer Da who says he's pleased to see the ring walk girls at tonight's fight. He's still raging about the darts and F1 decision. Bless him.

Apparently, Holzken used to be a kickboxer before deciding not to use his feet anymore. Callum Smith has only ever used his fists in a fight. Well, that I know of anyways. He might have snuck a sneaky toe into a sparring session.

Right lets get this nonsense of a fight under way. Callum Smith will win. Stick your house on it. Ding. And indeed, ding.

ROUND 1 Early left hook from Holzken. Missed by a county mile. Smith doing good work on the jab early doors. Good left hand from Holzken...but he then slips and ends up on the deck. That was pretty funny. The crowd can best be described as how you'd find your packaging in Ikea. Flat. No surprised. Bet they feel very short changed. Smith taking charge with more jabs and some body shots. Holzken does have a decent right hand going by that opener. Smith's round but not as one sided as I expected. 10-9 Smith.

ROUND 2 Eddie Hearn is in the crowd. He looks suitably bored. I honestly can't tell you how quiet the crowd is. Best way I could put it is imagine Joshua v Klitschko...and think of how the crowd were during the 2nd undercard fight. Yes, that. Holzken with a few decent right hands in this round. Smith still in control but he might be slightly more worried than he expected to be. Another fine right hand from Holzken is hit back with a Smith uppercut. Best shot of the night so far that. Combination towards the end of the round will secure the round for the favourite. 20-18 Smith.

ROUND 3 Smith unleashes a flurry of shots from the bell. One of them is countered well by the Dutchman. Smith stepping up to the plate now. Uppercut seems to be a particular favourite tonight. Some nose damage for Holzken already. Trouble brewing. More left uppercuts from Smith. Working the body well too. It has the feel of a 120-108 sort of fight already. Third round in the bag for the Liverpudlian. Hard right hand just before the bell got his man rocking. Maybe we'll get a Smith KO after all. 30-27 Smith.