Winter Olympics - Women's Curling Final



Sweden look to remove the South Korean guard but they knock it into the house. The Swedish skipper with a throw to try for the double takeout, but they can't quite nudge the second Korean stone out. Sweden with the hammer for straightforward take out. Blank end, still 1-0.

Third end, bit of a cagey affair with the teams just trading stones. South Korea eventually make a move placing a stone behind the guard but Sweden respond by taking them both out. Lovely throw by Eunjung to take out a half hidden Swedish stone. But on her final throw of the end she can't quite get the stone in behind the guard and Sweden will go for two with the hammer.

No mistake from the Swedish skipper, they take the lead 2-1 after 3 ends.

Fourth end. Ooooh South Korea looking to go through two Swedish guards, they manage that but she's put too much on it and can't keep the stone in the house. Sweden knock two out and it's a clear house at the halfway point in this end.

Nice draw from South Korea, but Sweden stay on the defensive and clear the house out again. But a bit of a mistake from South Korea on their next throw, they were looking to replace Sweden's guard with one of their own but didn't get enough weight on it. They do have the hammer to try and make something of this end though.

Hammer throw from Eunjung, she's going to try and knock her own guard into the Swedish stone.....but it doesn't come off and Sweden steal a point to lead 3-1 after four ends.

Fifth end. South Korea are starting to make a few mistakes here. First they clip a guard on their way through, and then a shot from Syeonyeong meant to take out 3 Swedish stones only manages to hit one. Belting shot from Sweden to remove a South Korean stone from the pocket, Korea responds by taking out two of the Swedish stones.


Are you watching on BBC Hannah? Doesn't it seem Cram is a bit anti Korea for some reason?

Hannah (@hannakin__)

I hadn't noticed!

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Eunjung with the hammer to take us to half time. She knocks a Swedish stone out but it's Sweden leading 4-1 as the players head off for their orange slices.

Alright then, back out for the sixth end. South Korea again will have the hammer as they try and turn this around. Couple of stones in the house early on for Sweden as Korea sets up a guard, quickly cleared.

South Korea pick one up after taking out a Swedish stone with the hammer. Sweden leading 4-2 after 6 ends.