Winter Olympics - Women's Curling Final



Seventh end. South Korea trying to set up a double guard but Sweden are taking them out with no trouble and have two in the house at the halfway point. South Korea clip a guard again and Sweden will be looking at two or three at the end here.

Eunjung sends a stone down the ice to take out two Swedish stones, and she'll have a chance to take out another with South Korea's last throw of the 7th end....but it doesn't curl inside enough and Sweden have a chance at 3 with the hammer. And Sweden take the 3!! That could be the game folks, Sweden lead 7-2 with just 3 ends left to play.

Eighth end. Sweden throwing a couple of stones away at the start, no need for anything complicated from them at the moment. Oooh another mistake from South Korea, too much pace on a throw and it sails out the other end. Clear house with a couple of throws left.

Korea score one at the end of the eighth. 7-3 to Sweden.

Ninth end, Sweden just can't miss at the moment, all but one of their players have 100% hit rate in this match. South Korea with one in the house and setting up a couple of guards. 'It's a bit like being 3-0 down with 5 minutes left to play' says Steve Cram. Oooh Sweden so close to a double takeout but just missed.

Sweden know they've got the gold medal and they're just playing all their shots so freely. A double take out to clear the house out with three throws left each. Swedish skip Ana Hasselborg with the hammer, she makes it for one and the South Korean team goes to shake hands.

Sweden win the women's curling gold medal, 8-3 over South Korea. The home crowd will be disappointed, but Team Kim was well beaten and ultimately a silver medal is beyond what they could have hoped for at the start of these games - it's the country's first ever curling medal. That's all from me, I've been Hannah, thanks for following!