Honda Classic: Final Round



So much for my predictions !! Anyhow, thanks to Aidan for the earlier coverage, hope you've enjoyed it. i've been @dralanwilson - join us next week for the WGC from Mexico. Until then, enjoy your day/night/morning wherever you are.

FOR BIRDIE AND THE WIN !! Thomas holes it - RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE !!! Justin Thomas is the Honda Classic winner. 8th PGA Tour victory overall.

Good putt - par for List. Over to you Justin....

Over to you List - if he holes this it's all pressure on Thomas. Classic match play !! Gives it a good go but its well wide and he's still away.

Thomas is a bit tentative and leaves it that knee trembler 4 ft short. Definitely not a gimme !!

So, Thomas needs to hole or 2 putt and List miss for Thomas to win. Or Thomas misses, List holes and we go again. Or List holes and Thomas 3 putts and List wins.

OK, as predicted the drop on the path failed, so he gets relief from the path and drops it on the grass where the crowd have been walking. Again, it depends on the lie. Looks OK, but it's 120yds and from this sort of grass it'll be almost impossible to get it close. Great effort, but 15ft or so past.

List is right up against the tent and near a cart path - will take a bit to sort this out I think. Probably drop twice then place.

List actually has a gap, but it's a damned tricky shot, threading between trees and with some nasty traps down the fairway. Punches it left and shouts of fore. Ends up down near the tents where the yobs are drinking. Over to you Justin. GREAT SHOT - high and right and right on the green !! Radar reckons they'll get 2 holes of a play off, hard to tell from the cameras we have.

So, despite a rather poor drive it is advantage to Thomas. Short gap as the players walk 300yd or so to their balls.