Honda Classic: Final Round



Leaderboard time then: Thomas (4): -7 Noren (5), Simpson (5), Fleetwood (5): -6 Kraft (6), Lovemark (5), List (4): -5

Thomas then at the Par 3 5th. 7 Iron in for the leader. Well blow me. It's short. Well short. It's just over the water and it's pinged up off the rocky bank. Where will it go. Could go anywhere. It's up up and well, lands right next to the hole. Oh so close to an ace, but he'll take the two I'm sure. Birdie putt from 8 feet or so.

Noren for birdie at 6. It's a long one, so no real hope. But, really good touch from the Swedish player, and he'll have a tap in for par from no more than a couple of feet, and he'll stay at -6 and one back. List at 5 then. He too has a long birdie putt. He too has good pace. He too has a tap in par. He will stick at -5.

Fleetwood at 6 then, and he's found the fairway bunker off the tee. Means he just has to chunk back into the fairway with his second. Long pitch and putt here to save his par. The approach to the green is on it's way, and there are lots of sighs. Greenside bunker for the Brit now, and that might be a turning point in his round. Thomas for that fortuitous birdie. Putt just slides by. Par. -7.

Tiger nearly holes out his chip at 11 from the thicket at greenside. He played a high looping one, a la Phil Mickelson. Par putt is rammed home, and Tiger sticks at -2. Back down the course, I haven't seen it, but I feel obliged to tell you that Jamie Lovemark is one off the lead. A birdie for him at the Par 4 6th, his first of the day, and he's at -6 and just one off the lead.


Really helpful of our friends at Sky not to show us a guy moving to tied 2nd in the Championship with just 12 holes to play like...

Fleetwood out of this greenside bunker at 6. Out she splashes. Fairly conservative play that one. Never went at the hole, instead opting to play to the left of the target. Should be able to scamper off with a bogey and stick two behind.

LEADERBOARD: Thomas (5): -7 Lovemark (6), Noren (6), Simpson (5), Fleetwood (5, but will drop at least one shot on 6): -6 List (5): -5 Kraft (7): -4 Grillo (13): -3

Oh. Confusing time of the night when the USA changes it's host broadcaster, and the graphics that I've just got all used to all change. Don't ask me what's happening for the next 10 or so minutes. Please...

Nah, I'll battle on. Some things never change. We keep seeing Tiger. Birdie chance at 11. I say chance rather speculatively. This is a tri-postcode putts. Good pace though, and leaves him the tap in par again. Still -2, but holes running out if the commentators on my stream are to have their way. His playing partner Sam Burns also birdies. Still -2 as well.

Now. Webb Simpson approaching the Par 3 7th. Good shot too, and will give him a chance to make a move for the first time today. Tommy Fleetwood at the same hole. He's parred at all three attempts this week. Another superb shot. Dribbles just past the hole, and he'll have a birdie putt from 8 feet to bounce straight back.