Honda Classic: Final Round



We''re back in time to see Noren with a decent shot out of the sand and Simpson miss his putt on 11. Fleetwood tidies up with par at 11 and a share of the lead. Infomercial from the Tommy Fleetwood appreciation society. Back from when he had short hair.

... giving the yanks a lesson here. Back to the golf - An holes a monster putt on 16. No idea what for. Fleetwood tees it up on 12 and it's right in the prime spot as Noren holes out for par on 12. List meanwhile, the forgotten man of the round, sprays his approach left and down the ridge. Yuk. Woods from the middle of the fairway on 16 and its a good 'un.

Thomas (-6) on 11, safe in the heart of the green. Fleetwood on his own at the top after Simpson's miss earlier. He's a good shout for this, as is Noren. Simpson will wilt as will List and Thomas will lose his shit and end up around even par. My predictions at 21:12 GMT.

Mike Barry

Tommy 2 Tone looking good

Alan Wilson

Yep, he's my pick of the pops.

Back to the coverage. Woods for bird on 16 - good run at it and 6ft past. Clearly trying, maybe a bit too hard. Thomas lags up on 11 and should stay -6. Graphic giving the kiss of death to Thomas, who as defending FedExcup champ is unlikely to win multiples the next season. List pars and Tiger bogies. YUK, a horrible putt and back to even for him. BEAR BEATS TIGER - OFFICIAL

Tommy lands up in the rough short of the green. Simpson, MR SLOW, is now a hole and half behind. Fucking shocking.

Mike Barry

Simpson is another one of these bible thumpers. Gets me every time.

Alan Wilson

thought it was just me...

SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. Pga tour needs to grow some and get the clocks out. He's backed off. AGAIN. FFS. Never did like this guy. Too smarmy by half and he's played a totally shit shot.

Mike Barry

Like i said last week, I'm OK w Kevin Na coz hes a complete golf geek. OCD golf mad man !!

More ads. BRB.

God, I really hope Thomas plays through, as we would on any amateur course.

Tommy on 12 - pops it up and almost in the hole !! great shot and par should be guaranteed. Simpson now with a about 30ft - good putt actually but its a bogey and the end of his chances. I bet he doesn't believe in evolution either.

Meanwhile Noren surprisingly drops a shot and Tommy is now the man. Apparently a PGA Tour official is now on the scene. ABOUT BLOODY TIME. Over to 17 and some guy called Sam Burns plays a decent shot. We're seeing him because he is playing alongside Tiger.

Mike Barry

Sammy McNally is 2 ahead of Eldrick. This is his 14th round as a profeesional.

Alan Wilson

Yeah, he's showing him who's boss lol.