NextGen Boxing



Hello everyone. Tonight we get a look at some of the budding prospects in British boxing as Eddie Hearn brings us his NxtGen event from Manchester. I'm Alistair Sargent & I'll bring you live fight updates of Hosea Burton v Josip Perkovic, "Miss BG" Tasha Jonas v Karina Kopinska & main event, Lewis Ritson v Joe Murray for the British lightweight title, plus news and views from the rest of bouts

My main interest in the night will be seeing Natasha Jonas as she looks to become a force in the lightweight division and create potential defining rivalries with Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron, both of whom beat Jonas' opponent Karina Kopinska on their pro debuts. Expect Hosea Burton to ease while our main event between Ritson and Murray should be great.

And we're launching straight in to our first action. Hosea Burton vs Josip Perkovic. Allegedly a light heavyweight fight but officially it really is a cruiserweight contest as both men topped 180lbs at the weigh-in. Burton is desperate to secure a rematch with Frank Buglioni for the British light heavyweight title.

Rnd 1 of 8 Burton immediately makes Perkovic feel his power but credit Perkovic he has countered with a couple good shots as Burton gets a little over eager. Burton goes to the body with a right and left then just settles down in the final minute and boxes more patiently behind the jab. Lively start, composed finish. Burton in control.

Rnd 2 Perkovic keen to have a go here and starts the second on the front foot but nothing lands really. Burton is patient and sinks in a couple of good long combinations, utilising his height advantage. Perkovic lands a counter left hook but Burton quickly re-establishes the pace. Gets caught by a counter right hand to the body though. Good finish from Burton with two lefts to the body

Rnd 3 Bit of blood from Burton's nose after that close 2nd round. Perkovic lands with 2 good over the top rights sandwiching a right hook to the body. Been some good work from Burton but also been a little ragged at times too. Needs to jab more to set up the shots, been caught a few times just trying to come in with big shots. Right to the body from Burton but he's short with an uppercut

Interesting contest this. Perkovic has certainly done enough to feel he has won one of the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

Rnd 4 Burton off target with an uppercut and Perkovic piles forward but Burton ties him up in the corner. Burton in the centre of the ring but he's not establishing the jab well enough at the minute. Perkovic has had the big right hand well scouted. Better from Burton, doubles the jab and gets through with the right. Uppercut on the inside from Perkovic and a big right hook also lands. Close.

Rnd 5 Quick start from Perkovic, sidesteps to open up an uppercut through the guard. Burton is caught with a clean right hand as he tries to land an uppercut. Burton's jab has been stiff and accurate in this round but Perkovic has kept walking forward. Uppercut from Burton glances the chin. Competitive fight this. Perkovic landed the round's best shot.

Rnd 6 Perkovic is a tough man. Happily walking through Burton's jab to try and get in close to work. Some good jabs from Burton snap back Perkovic's head and he then has success to the body with a right hook. Perkovic has the big right scouted again but Burton has his distance better now. Quick hands from Burton as he lands a good combination of shots. Much better round for Burton