Elimination Chamber



And with that we'll wrap it up. Pretty decent show overall. I had fun. Raw Talk is up next. Hell no. It was fun to be on this feed again. I'm Jody Jamieson. Take care everyone.

Braun takes him outside, and then throws Reigns through a pod. Everyone likes Braun.

Braun lays out Roman with a running powerslam. Fans chant one more time. Braun looks to the left, then looks to the right like he's Hulk Hogan, and obliges.

Reigns vs. Lesnar will be a hell of a match. When Reigns wins it'll go down like a fart in a spacesuit though.

Superman punch and Braun falls back in the ring. We get a chorus of boos. Superman punch in the ring. Reigns goes for the spear. Strowman catches him. Reigns with another superman pinch and a spear. Strowman stands, Reigns hits him with another spear and gets the spear! It's Roman Season baby!

Reigns with a splash over the top rope to Strowman. Braun tries to run into Reigns, but crashes through a pod.

Rollins nails a pair of superkicks on Strowman but then eats the powerslam and is pinned. We're down to two!

Cole puts over Strowman's "survival tactics, eliminating four men." So in other words Strowman's strategy was to win.

Roman cuts off Braun as he tries to climb after Rollins and nails a Samoan drop. Seth on top of the pod. Frog splash on Strowman for 2!

Strowman pulls Seth out to powerslam him on the outside, but Rollins escapes and climbs the cage.