Elimination Chamber



Bayley to the middle rope. Bayley cuts her off and hits a super Belly to Bayley, but then gets rolled up and eliminated by Alexa! We're down to Bliss and Banks.

Bliss quickly covers Sasha but only gets two.

Alexa goes for Twisted Bliss but the knees are up. It used to be called the Sparkle Splash when she was a fairy in NXT.

Sasha with some knees on a seated Bliss like she's Jeremy Stephens. Bliss manages to avoid one though and Sasha gets caught up on the cage and laid out.

Alexa climbing again. Gets on the pod. Hits Twisted Bliss on a standing Sasha, but she rolls through and gets the Banks Statement! Sasha rolls her into the ring but Alexa fights her way out. Well worked spot.

Sasha decides she's climbing now. Before she gets there though Alexa cuts her off and hits Randy Orton's DDT from the top rope this time for the pin and the win!

Match went almost half an hour. Nicely put together.

Alexa Bliss is crying she's so happy. What a babyface. Renee interviews her. The fans chant "you deserve it." What a touching moment. She says "thank you, and then cuts the best babyface promo of all time saying it's for all the little girls who've dreamed about it. And then says "none of you will ever accomplish your dreams." She is the best. What an outstanding promo.

Arguably the best promo in the history of women's wrestling and I'm being serious. That was phenomenal.

Kurt Angle knocks on Ronda Rousey's locker room door. We get a wacky promo from Brauny the Strowman.