Elimination Chamber



If anyone wants a bathroom break it's time. Titus O'Neill and Apollo Crews vs Sheamus and Cesaro for the tag titles. No-one could possibly care, though I do have a soft spot for Dana Brooke. Yes, I'm the one.

De Baaaaaaarrrrrrr! Because it's an Irish guy and a Swiss guy, we're going through all the foreign commentary teams. They should get the O'Donoghue brothers doing Cork commentary. It would be better than Michael Cole.

We're getting a fight before the bell. The hells are chucked outside after trying to jump Titus and Crews. They toss them outside, Apollo chucks Cesaro back in and now we get the bell. Why not before?

Apollo with a splash. Sheamus breaks it up. Cesaro tosses Crows outside. This match is getting five minutes tops.

Sheamus tags in. Getting the heat on Crews.

Credit the crowd. They're trying to pretend to care about Crews getting beat up.

This match sucks. Go watch the best promo in ages.

They're still beating up Crews. It's boring.

They tease Crews getting the tag for ages, but Sheamus knocks Titus off the apron and isn't there for the tag.

Titus back and gets the tag. As always it's the wildest, clumsiest hot tag ever.