Elimination Chamber



Titus with a big boot on Cesaro for two.

Cesaro boots out the knee. Titus makes a comeback. Blind tags on Sheamus. Sheamus almost botches going to the top. Banters with the crowd. Eats Clash of the Titus. Cesaro breaks it up.

Things break down. Apollo with a dive to the outside. Then a splash on Sheamus. I'm about eight moves behind. Another blind tag by the heels. They hit springboard white noise on Crews for the win. Decent ending to a mostly boring match.

HBO are doing a documentary on Andre the Giant. Should be a hell of a production. Coming out April 10th.

They're in the T-Mobile Arena. The scene of Rousey's last UFC fight, when Amanda Nunes drubbed her in 48 seconds. I'm sure that'll be brought up when they shoot the angle.

Asuka vs Nia Jax next. If Nia wins, she's added to the title match at Mania. There's a story doing the rounds that Asuka is going to challenge Charlotte instead and Nia is wrestling Bliss at Mania, but they're not beating Asuka tonight. So that's gonna be an interesting challenge to book out of that corner.

We're getting a facts video on Asuka's undefeated streak somewhat like the Royal Rumble facts video.

Forgot to mention, they showed a close up of an Asuka mask for a while like the start of her video, and then we realised it was on the floor as Nia stamped on it and squished it. A nice touch.

Nia Jax is out. Since Asuka is coming out soon, more foreign commentators! We know how WWE think.

Asuka in the ring. As much as I bitched about Bayley's booking earlier, no-one has been as well booked as Asuka. It's uite simple. Ding ding ding!