Evening. Masterchef is back, so if you like watching a grown man go giddy over puddings, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Caroline, aka @toongirl83, and I’m your guide to this first episode of the new series

7 brand new contestants compete to be ‘this country’s best amateur cook’. “Sharpen the knives, it’s Masterchef!” announces John

First up it’s the Market Challenge, where the cooks grab ingredients to cook for John and Gregg. Can’t help thinking a trolley dash round Aldi would be more exciting

Anna Logue

I would much rather watch that, this is all very civilised.

Caroline Dowse (@toongirl83)

Haha yeah

Louise, a fitness instructor has a thing for Gregg. Weirdo. She’s making pasta and meatballs with chilli sauce. Yum.

James is doing cod with butter sauce, cauliflower, and leeks. Purple cauliflower 😳

Jess is doing a mishmash of duck breast, blackberry sauce and butternut squash

Ash is doing an Italian fish stew and Terry is doing a scollop dish with scollops he’s caught himself and a mushroom risotto with tempura

Rachel is doing a goats cheese and pesto risotto. Fiona is doing cod and pancetta with potatoes and fennell. John’s not convinced.

Fiona’s up first for judging. Great flavours says John. Fish is cooked well but fennell is not needed says Gregg

Terry now. Tempura is going soggy says Gregg. Mushrooms lost in the dish says John