World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Good evening everyone! Anna here, with a short evening session of the athletics in Birmingham. We have the high jump competitions just starting, both men and women are going.

British athletes Robbie Grabarz and Morgan Lake both take 3 jumps to get over the opening height, but they do get there, and up we go.

A bit of a strange set up for the high jump mats, with the men and women's competitions facing each other. Bound to be a bit confusing coming towards what looks to be 2 sets of poles.

A bit later on, we'll have Laura Muir, who is also in the middle of studying for her final Veterinary exams!

Sorry if my updates are a bit slow, my internet connection is RUBBISH tonight. Apparently there's a bit of snow interfering with it...

BBC are re-joining the Men’s High Jump now, with Robbie Grabarz having a bit of bother at 2.25m, and is on his third attempt.

Still no luck though, and that is the end of tonight’s competing for him.

Barshim up now, having no trouble at all with 2.29m.

Kynard now, he takes out 2.29m on his first attempt, which is apparently because he shortened his stride. The more you know.

Over to the Ladies, Hruba having no luck with 1.89m and she's out. Apparently they've put a new rule in place where the athletes have to start their run-up within 30 seconds. Quite tight that!