World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



That concludes all of tonight’s coverage of the Indoor Championships, I’ll be back with you tomorrow from around 6pm. Do join me then! Thank you for following along, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Annnd here are the results from the 3000m;

Women’s high jump;

I’ll post all of tonight’s results before I finish up. So, first up we had the men’s high jump;

10th place for Eilish, with 9.01.32.

I’m just checking where Eilish McColgan came through.

8.45.78 for Laura Muir, which is a SB time for her!

1. Dibaba (ETH) 2. Hassan (NED) 3. Muir (GBR) A FABULOUS run from her!

Obiri trying to overtake Laura Muir, but she’s pulling ahead. Hassan and Laura Muir are just behind Dibaba.

Laura in third, with 2 gaps to go.