World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Cunningham getting over the 1.93m mark in the Ladies competition.

Ooooh, Morgan Lake gets over the 1.93m on her second attempt, and that’s a season best for her!

Trost going for the 1.93m now, she equals Morgan's attempt, and that's a season best for her too!

Goodness me, Levchenko completely misses the bar, and she'll have to clear 1.93m on her last attempt.

Erik Kynard knocks the 2.33m pole on his third attempt, and that's the end of his competition.

Demireva has a foul on her third attempt at 1.93m, and that's her out.

Przybylko with his last attempt at 2.33m, and he's out, but he has guaranteed a bronze medal tonight. Not a bad night's work!

Levchenko is out at 1.93m too.

Oooh, Barshim knocks 2.36m on his first attempt.

OH MY GOODNESS! Lysenko was all but over that, but it just rolls off.