World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Barshim with his second attempt.

But he knocks it again!

Good clearance from Lasitskene at 1.96m.

Lysenko just rolls the 2.36m bar again.

Cunningham knocks the 1.96m bar.

Barshim knocks the 2.36m bar at his final attempt, but he's guaranteed at least 2nd place. If Lysenko goes clear, he goes first, but if not, we'll have a jump-off!

Morgan Lake doesn't get over the 1.96m bar on her first attempt.

Lysenko going for the win here...

WOW! HE CLEARS IT! Lysenko takes the gold medal!

So the men's final standings; 1. Lysenko (ANA) 2. Barshim (QAT) 3. Przybylko (GER)