World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Laura setting the pace early, and she’s sticking to the front of the race.

1200m in, and we’re at just under 4 minutes. Eilish McColgan trying to make a move up, and Laura just a couple back from the front.

Dibaba and Obiri moving up...

Laura Muir moving ahead...

Dibaba at the front, but it’s not easy for her.

Hassan moving ahead of Laura Muir, but Laura is coming round the outside.

Laura in third, with 2 gaps to go.

Obiri trying to overtake Laura Muir, but she’s pulling ahead. Hassan and Laura Muir are just behind Dibaba.

1. Dibaba (ETH) 2. Hassan (NED) 3. Muir (GBR) A FABULOUS run from her!

8.45.78 for Laura Muir, which is a SB time for her!