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France Women



TEAM NEWS England: Bardsley, Bronze, Asante, Bright, Stokes, Walsh, Scott, Parris, Kirby, Duggan, Taylor. France: Benameur, Karchaoui, Perisset, Mbock, Georges, Diallo, Robert, Henry, Le Sommer, Diani, Sarr


So just over half an hour until the first match of the phil Neville era. It’s a nice starting 11 in my view although not sure which forward(s) will be moving into midfield. France’s starting 11 is barely short of baffling to me so should be interesting to watch.

Before the game starts, phil Neville has said that people want to see him fail. I’ve criticised his appointment on many occasions now and probably will continue to even if England go on to win things. It’s still a huge gamble which for me suggests a lack of respect for a fairly successful and undeniably talented team. That said I do not want this team to fail

The reason I’ve been sceptical about his appointment is because I think that there are more than enough talented players in this England team for them to win a World Cup and I’d like to go to France next year and see that happen.

Everything that happened with Sampson last year was crushing as a fan of the team in terms of how the FA and also some players reacted and what was allowed to happen. It’s been hard to let myself fully support this team again and I’m not letting phil Neville ruin that.

Anyway. This game. France rarely lose to England even if they’re terrible. Just one of those things. I’d look out for Walsh and diallo in midfield. Both young but hugely talented. Interesting options off the bench for both teams as well with potential debuts. Should be fun

My friend has predicted a 7-0 scoreline. I’m going to predict that it’ll be closer than that

Someone else has said 0-0 which seems more accurate

We have 2015 World Cup team team Jonathan Pearce and Sue smith on commentary and it’s anthem time

I may well just excitedly chatter about demi stokes the whole time. She’s been in great form lately, phenomenal attacking left back