World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Good evening everyone! Hopefully you're all suitably wrapped up in front of a warm fire, and ready for tonight's athletics action! Plenty of events on tonight, with Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Asha Philip, and Laura Muir all coming up.

First up, we have the 60m hurdles for the pentathlon, so we'll have KJT going in this.

Apparently all of the pentathlon action is done in one day here, so earlier on Rodriguez left herself in the lead going into the evening session, with KJT in second place for the moment.

They make a very big deal of everyone coming out onto the track, and the commentary team have very mixed views on it. My mother, however, is pretty adamant 'it looks like a circus.'

Poor Greg Rutherford has been stranded at the Championships and has been left with commentary duty, although I'm sure he doesn't mind!

I lied, we have long-jump up first tonight.

Eeeek, Bougard was first to be shown in the long jump, and her toe has apparently JUST touched the plasticine, and she gets a foul on her first attempt.

The 60m hurdles weren't part of the pentathlon competition apparently, but we've had a faller in the first heat of that, which isn't very pleasant at all.

KJT in the long jump now, annnnd it's 6.50m, a great first jump from her.

Rodriguez now, she's in the lead from earlier today. She gets a foul on her first jump.