World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Dadic with a jump of 6.29m, putting her into 2nd place for the moment.

Some British representation in the 60m hurdles now! Megan Marrs is also from NI, so clearly I'll be hoping for a good result for her!

Marrs finishes in 6th place there in 8.28s, with Pedersen, Manning, Ivancevic and Berings qualifying.

Bougard gets a valid jump on her second attempt, and it's 6.06m, keeping her in 4th place.

KJT going for her second jump now.

Oooh, it looks to be about the same as the first jump, it's 6.43m. Another solid jump, and she stays in the lead.

Rodriguez with her 2nd jump now. It's a valid jump, but it's 6.15m, and she's into 3rd place.

Third heat in the 60m hurdles now, with Marilyn Nwawulor in action for GB.

A good run for Nwawulor there, finishing in 8.22s, sitting in one of the fastest loser spots for the moment. Qualifiers; Charlton, Roleder, Visser, Herman.

Dadic with her 2nd attempt in the long jump, and it's 6.29m, the exact same as her first jump. She stays in 2nd place.