World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Djimou in the long-jump, she had 6.04m in the first round, and makes a bit of a mess of her second, but it's an improvement. 6.11m, and she's in 6th place overall.

Nwawulor still hanging onto the last fastest loser spot with one heat left to go.

KJT with her last jump now.

Oooh it looks good, and it's another 6.50m. She stays in the lead.

Rodriguez going for her last jump now too, she's being made to wait, let's see what she can get.

Eeeek, she gets a red flag, so she'll have no improvement on her position.

Dadic last to go now, KJT has a 4 second lead over her for the 800m at the moment.

It looks better, and she's closed the gap. She gets 6.40m, and now KJT has a TWO second lead over her for the 800m.

All to play for in the 800m then...

Time for the last 60m hurdles heat, with Sally Pearson in action.