World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Amusan wins it, Sally Pearson in 2nd. The other qualifiers are Talay and Koleczek. Marilyn Nwawulor has also been knocked out of the fastest loser spots.

The semi-final of the Women's 60m is up next, with Asha Philip and Bianca Williams battling for a spot in the final later on.

Fancy becoming an athlete?

I don't understand why we have 3 semi-finals, but we do.

Ahoure, Philip, Elaine Thomspon, and Schippers all in action in this first semi.

Wow, blink and you miss it. Ahoure gets the win, then Thompson and Schippers. Philip gets 5th.

A stacked first semi there, so the fastest losers may well come from there.

Ahoure and Thompson the qualifiers.

Semi-final 2 now.

TaLou and Burchell the qualifiers there. Oooh hang on, Ahye has been given the same time as Burchell, and they both qualify. A slower semi than the first, in that Philip's time would've been good enough for 2nd place there!