World Indoor Athletics Championships 2018



Dadic takes silver, and Rodriguez takes bronze.

Next up on the track will be the women's 400m semi-finals, with Eilidh Doyle and Zoey Clark in action.

Here we go, Eilidh in the first semi.

Eilidh in third after the first lap...

Annnnd she stays in 3rd, Sprunger and Wimbley just a bit too quick!

No fastest loser spots, so Eilidh won't be going through.

Zoey Clark up in the next semi.

Oh my, Sprunger got disqualified from the 1st semi final, so Eilidh Doyle goes through.

Zoey Clark JUST pushed into 3rd on the line, eeeek. McPherson takes the win, and Swiety-Ersetic in 2nd.