Newcastle United



Robertson offside now on our left side. Goalie to take it. Ping pong and Karius has it. Can brings it out. Halfway line. Lovren to AA. Can.

Firmino to Salah outside the box & Bobby tries a back heel straight to a Magpie. Nice try but no seegar. 8'.

Mo made a nice burst down the right but clitter clatter off his legs and out for a goal kick. Rafa is making notes. He's in a jacket & waistcoat. Maybe he has a heated seat.

Another GC for the Toon. Beautiful shot of the kick from behind the net but Bobby down the left, back to can, Hendo, & AA. Mane. Robertson w a crisp cross & Salah gets a cracking volley blocked by a defender and the goalie gathers. 12'.

0-0. Virgil w a long diagonal ball which Salah can't control. Out for a throw. Far side. Now the Ox with a similar ball which beats Salah again. Methinks the wind is affecting the long balls.

Newcastle w a surge down the right. Strong pace but Karius gathers. It counts as a shot on goal. Stats. Meh. 15'.

Supreme effort from Salah as he lashes one from the left hits the side netting. Wow. Now Newcastle surge down the left w Murphy but Lovren is home.

Pool playing keeps again. Salah is up ended by Merino. The ref didn't like it. Me neither. AA w the free kick & Jackie Chan gets a head on it. Wide wide. 18'.

Tis so long since I did a Liverpool game I've forgotten almost all my nicknames and acronyms. But hang in there. Ha. Rafa has acquired a trench coat. And there's some fans in that away section shirtless. Your mammies didn't send you out like that this morning.

21'. Newcastle have a Trump like wall across their defence.