Newcastle United



Fabulous GGGOOOOAAAALLLLLLL Liverpool. That man Salah. 32 and counting. Ox broke up the middle wi a strong run and.

Slipped it to Mo who slipped it under the goalies torso. PATIENCE PAYS OFF. 41'.

Liverpool have had nice shape all day and it paid off eventually. The space just opened up in front of OX and he charged into it. Salah had all day to slip it into the net. 21 goals w his left foot. 43'.

Newcastle diving into the tackles here. The home crowd are going mad but the ref has been good.

Last minute of the 1st half. Newcastle down the left. Diame, Kennedy, Gayle and a rasping shot and a FABULOUS SAVE from Karius. Fabulous. Corner Magpies. Kennedy. Offside and it's half time at Anfield. I'm going to rise off my couch now and do some stretches. See you in 15. 💥💥💥

Teams coming out after their champagne at half time. Oops. This is soccer, not rugby. Ha. Lining up for a riveting 2nd half. Away we go. Playing towards our beloved KOP. ,,,,,!!!!!!

Kennedy w the ball on the Liverpool right corner flag. AA steals it but back w Kennedy again. Not Alan, or Ray. Someone else. Another Toon throw. Firmino breaks down the middle and Salah has a half chance. Corner Pool.

Ball is cleared but a handball from Murphy gives Pool a free in midfield. It's over on the left now. Back to the half way line. Hendo tries a long one to the foot of Mané but it's a GC.

49'. Karius hoofs it into the middle of the park. Damn. Hendo with clever footwork almost springs Mo Salah but Kennedy interferes w him. !! Jackie Chan, playing keeps. Virgil. Nice. Ball to Mané on the edge of the box and Salah gets a shot which hits an arm but the ref didn't see it.

Kennedy w a floating free kick which Karius gathers but Lascelles elbows Lovren in the back of the head. I'd be taking his number for that one. Ox races away w 4 red shirts and chooses Bobby who fumbles it. Damn. 54'.