Newcastle United



70'. Newcastle attack the right flank and gain a throw. Dummett. Kennedy. Ball into the box but it's cleared. Lalala Adam Lallana coming on soon.

Subs. Hayden on for Merino. And Liverpools is Lallana for Mané. He doesn't look too pleased to be coming off. Throw Pool far side. Back in midfield and it's down the left again. And out. 74'. 2-0.

Karius Karius aka Fandango clears another one. Jackie down the left and Ox & Lala barely offside with the net waiting.

Kennedy up the middle then and gets a shot deflected out for a corner. Hayden got a weak head wide. But Liverpool were asleep at the wheel there. Toon took a short corner. We got away w one.

My brother James who got a rap of a hames Milner about to come in. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain comes off to a rousing ovation. 79'.

And James gets stuck in right away and breaks up a Newcastle attack. Jackie got a belt of a hand from Kennedy and now Liverpool have a corner. Milner takes but it's cleared. Newcastle stroke it around and gain a free after a nick by Hendo.

That free came in and I think it was Diame w a shot which hits a hand. Nope. Ref looks away. Ball is at the Kop end now w Firmino. Tricky little man.

Murphy off & Perez on now for the Toon. Poor Rafa has nothing to work with at Newcastle and the owner there is a complete and utter asshat. Not fair to those great Newcastle fans. 85'.

Holy shite. Salah gets away in midfield and Atsu got back to take away a decent chance. Liverpool turn it over. Atsu again. Ooo. Lallana is down. Farewell Firmino to a huge ovation. Matip is on.

Salah was brought down in the box. No. Nothing in that. That was a nice scrappy bit of play between the 2 teams. Hendo & Milner getting stuck right in. Love to see it. Gained a corner but nothing came out of it. 90' gone and 3' added on.