Newcastle United



Free to Newcastle ball comes over to the left and the Newcastle player goes down with a whisper of a nudge from Jackie. I like this ref. No nonsense. No BS. No theatrics. Very few whistles.

Haha Salah clearly bundled over in the box. Ref waves it off again. Klopp is apoplectic on er sidelines. The final whistle has gone.

It's Liverpool 2. Newcastle 0. Great result on a difficult day. Liverpool had the patience and the tactics and should have had a penno as well. We are in 2nd place again and now we await the Glaziers do us a favour on Monday and beat the scum.

I've been @doreguymike bringing you my ramblings from a castle in the Rockies. Stay warm everyone and I will talk to yous all very soon again. Bye for a while. 😄😄