Formula E: Mexico



Oh. Evening all. I'm told you're expecting me. Well, here I am. @aidanleape at your service this Saturday Night for some more Formula E action. It's Round 5 of the ABB Formula E World Championship, it comes from Mexico City, and the lights are going out in just a tick over 30 minutes.

If you haven't seen Formula E before, think F1, but slightly quieter, but much more exciting, prodominantly on street circuits. Got it. Good. Interestingly, this round is the only race not on a street track, but on the familiar tarmac at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Well, it's farmiliar if you're an F1 fan. Still, a slightly trimed down version awaits the drivers. It looks like this

I suppose I should tell you how we stand coming into Round 5 shouldn't I. Here's the Drivers standings. Sorry I took ages to find one that you might actually be able to see. Notice Lucas Di Grassi, the defending champion is still yet to get off the mark.

Finally knacked how to actually upload pictures that you might be able to read. I'm sorry how painful that was. Here comes the Constructors Standings, and this should be much quicker and easier...

Right then. Championship plenary all done, we can actually move onto some racing. Qualifying and the race all happen in one day in the World of Formula E, so we only found out a few hours ago how the grid would shape up. Highlights below show you how Felix Rosenqvist and Mahindra stuck it on pole

So then, here's how the grid shapes up, after 10 place penalties for the Virgin's of Alex Lynn and Sam Bird, and also for Lucas Di Grassi. Whose luck might change. One day. Rosenqvist, Turvey Buemi, da Costa Abt, Vergne Piquet Jr., Heidfeld Lotterer, Engel Evans, Lopez Lynn, d'Ambrosio Prost, Blomqvist Filippi, Mortara Bird, di Grassi


Should also say that Antonio Felix da Costa drops from P2 in Qualifying to P4 on the grid for having an overweight in Superpole. As you can see, we seem to carry the bizarre grid penalties over from F1. Some things never change...

Right then. Grid all set from me. You know where people are starting. Time for your predictions. Don't worry about making an egit of yourself, just tell me who is going to finish 1-2-3 in the comments below. Simple. Your prize will be my best wishes, and maybe even a mention at the end of the race. For what it's worth I'm going Rosenqvist - Buemi - Abt. You? Get ruddy commenting.

Here we ruddy go then. No warm up laps in Formula E. We'll just roll a couple of grid slots forward, stop, and then floor the throttle for the long run down to Turn One. Interesting to see if Rosenqvist can get away. A good afternoon for the Swede and he should be waltzing out of Mexico City with the lead in the Championship. Forward we roll. It's almost time.

I forgot Formula E has a terrible pre-race video. The pre-recorded video says that we should "Activate Start Procedure" Yeh whatever. It's not Robot Wars. Anyway, we're ready. On come the lights. Off go the lights. WE. ARE. RACING.

Rosenqvist away safely. Not much action into T1 though, Abt maybe gains a place from the start. At the back, Di Grassi is on the move, but I've just been reminded he also has a 5 second penalty in this race because he couldn't take all his grid penalties.