UFC 222: Cyborg vs. Kunitskaya



Double underhooks for Johnson. Milstead lands an elbow which forced Johnson back to the middle. Good shot.

Nice combo for Johnson and we're back in the clinch.

End of the first. 10-9 Milstead for the early striking, though Johnson found something he could work with in the clinch.

Round 2. Milstead needs to get back to countering well on the outside.

Nice jab from Johnson. Milstead tries to set up the overhand right but not close.

Milstead slips coming in and eats a big body shot. Johnson into the clinch and looking for the takedown against the cage.

Decent body shots for Johnson. Back searching for the takedown, but Milstead unable to do anything about the position.

Milstead with a couple of good shots with his back against the cage behind the ear, but Johnson able to stay in there. Ref breaks up the clinch.

Milstead clips him with a right, but Johnson forces his way back into the clinch. and this time finally secures the takedown. Looking for the back, but Milstead able to stand. Clinch.

Milstead looking for a standing guillotine, but not close. Johnson just controlling the clinch again. It's not exciting, and we get another break.