UFC 222: Cyborg vs. Kunitskaya



Caraway comes forward and lands a two punch combo. Stamann with a right hand on the counter. Caraway with another takedown stuffed.

Knee to the body. The commentators are just openly mocking Adelaide Byrd. It's a bad look. We get a brief Frye-Takayama spot. Caraway gets a takedown and straight into a guillotine. Saved by the bell! Wild last minute. Caraway may have nicked a fight he may have been on the verge of losing.

Beautiful roll from the bottom onto a mounted guillotine. Stamann was probably screwed there. I've got 29-28 Caraway, who was an insane 1/20 in takedowns.

Official decision. 29-28 Caraway 29-28 Stamann 29-28 the winner is.... Cody Stamann!

Damn close fight. Not gonna argue too much about the decision. Stamann was definitely winning the final round till the end, which could have made a huge difference. Ended up a pretty good fight.

Only 26 minutes left on Fight Pass. Next guys will be chucked into the cage.

MIKE PYLE (27-13-1) vs. ZAK OTTOW (15-5) Welterweight Bout Pyle was knocked out in brutal fashion at UFC 207 by Alex Garcia, and has lost four of his last five. Tonight is his retirement fight, so will hope to at least go out in style after an excellent career. Ottow was finished by Jingliang Li in Shanghai last November, and is 2-2 in the Octagon, but has shown flashes of being extremely dangerous, and he closes as a big favourite tonight.

Pyle out to One More Time by Daft Punk. Appropriate.

Pyle vs. Ottow. Ottow is a big favourite at -315. Herb Dean is the ref. And the featured Fight Pass bout begins!

Ottow comes forward with a two punch combo. Ottow lands a nice spin kick to the body. Front kick from Pyle.