WGC Mexico: Final Round



Evening all !

Apologies for the delay to our coverage - someone (i.e. me) can't read a calendar.

Leaderboard at 19:12

So, the early moves being made by Rafa and Tyrell Hatton. Break in coverage here on Sky as we see some nice cityscapes of Mexico City.

Looks like Sergio teeing off on 5 - in the rough. Rafa next and thats not much better - deep in the shadows and in some deep shit.

Co-leader Sharma, amazingly still in this, considering everything stacked against him, plays from the middle of the fairway and pulls up a bit short of the green. Mickelson next ... 182 hooks it in nicely. This guy could be one to watch lol

Co-leader Hatton now - dialled right in on 4 and he may be out there on his own if he can hole that. Great weekend for last weeks winner Justin Thomas - who's gone from even to -9 (course record) and now -12. Gonna be a shoot out at the death I think and my co-writer should be prepared for a play-off Calling it now - sorry Harvey.

Harvey Waywell

Hatton will romp this..Over by 1030!!

Alan Wilson

Would not complain at that result :-)

ad break ... What do you think of the players driving the first hole, all of 316 yds, with a 3 wood? I can get close to the green on our local muni 1st hole, but it's only about 240 and I hit the best driver in the world ever. For me anyway.

Over to Sergio chipping out sideways - sensible move I think. Good to see a dodgy tee shot punished. Sorry Sergio. Mickelson holes and he's now at -13 too ! Hatton to get to -14 . No problem. All change at the top - Hatton is -3 through 4.

Rafa did the same on 5 - now playing his third and he also plays a shocker, not much better than Sergio. Both he and Sergio struggling for up and down bogey here.