Paris-Nice Stage 2



Hello one and all to Stage 2 of this year's Race to The Sun! I'm Ewan and I'll be bringing you this exciting stage. Today is a usual sprint stage, however this will be a vital stage to win for all looking for victory in the points classification.

Here is the fairly uneventful stage profile. Also to note, no KOM points to grab today.

Also, here is the map for you curious lot.

An interesting start to today's race. A large headwind ended any attempt at a breakaway until De Gendt went for an attack. Currently De Gendt, Naesen, Machado, Boom, Boaro and Delaplace are in a small breakaway formed only around 30km ago.

Due to how fast these breakaway riders are, the Peloton has decided to make sure they don't gain even a minute's gap. As of right now they only have 30 seconds with 60km to the finish.

Interesting, many riders have fallen back into the Peloton, clearly because they knew the pack wouldn't let them have an inch all together. Only Boaro and Machado remain ahead, they have been allowed a 45 second gap.

So, today's stage is prime for the sprinters, however if I had to predict a winner it would have to be either Groenewegen or Viviani. It is incredibly rare for a rider to win the first two stages of the Paris-Nice and I would have to say Demare won't do it today. I feel like this is a stage that Viviani would like and Groenewegen is one never to sniff at.

Meanwhile, in the actual race, the Peloton has allowed the new breakaway duo to have a nice 2 minute gap as we roll into the last 50km

Well, Eurosport is now talking about today's allegations... I'm uneasy talking about this during the stage. It's an important thing however I don't feel it has a large place in this stage's coverage. I won't talk about it for too long but I will quickly state my opinion.

What's the most important thing is that this is a bad thing for the sport. When allegations come out of riders doping or cheating in anyway, it hurts the sport. Once one person you have looked up to, followed and loved as a sporting hero is alleged to have been cheating, it just makes people almost expecting it. I'm now even worrying that Cavendish will be next to have allegations against him.